Body Wrap

The body as well as the face needs and deserves care and pampering. Designed to help you detox and temporarily slim down, body wraps provide relaxing health benefits. Our treatments gently exfoliate dead and dry skin.  They also deeply moisturize and condition the skin. Wraps are also believed to help your body shed impurities while reducing water weight.


Electrolysis is permanent hair removal technique that works well on all skin types. While laser works primarily on dark hair, electrolysis can be used on any hair and skin color. High frequency and direct current are combined to produce both heat and a chemical reaction in the individual hair follicles. This reaction weakens and destroys the cells that provide nourishment to the growing hair causing it to become finer and finer until it is completely destroyed. Several rounds of treatment are required to permanently remove hair.


Pamper your skin while soaking up the health benefits of a Serenity facial. We can help repair environmental damage, provide deep cleansing, and infuse your skin with anti-aging moisturizers. Select the Serenity service that best meets your needs.

Hand and Foot Care

We’ll gently massage your hands and file, shape, and trim your nails. Our estheticians add protected polish or gel for added strength and beauty. The same can be done for your feet and toenails. Our professionals will help you relax as well as look freshly polished.